With remoda plus Service

We sell for you

Simply clean out your wardrobe and send in your items for free let our consignment experts do the rest
Send your items in

How it works

Send us your pre-loved items for free

Send us your items with our shipping kit
Shipping kit:

Our free shipping kit includes a prepaid satchel or box that fits 20-30 items. You can drop off the bag at an Australia post.

. Shipping is free and includes insurance!

Our team inspects your items

Any items that don’t meet our condition, age and brand guidelines are returned to you or donated to charity. Your choice!

We professionally list your items for you

We take care of all the photography, pricing, transactions, and shipping. We will also list your items on other platforms!

People shop & you get paid!

Why should I use Remoda plus service?

Remoda will price, photograph, and list your items on Remoda, eBay & Gumtree (no changes can be made to live listing)
Remoda will carefully package and ship your items to your buyers
Remoda will handle all communication and customer service for you
Remoda will Respond to the offers made by prospective buyers

What is my cut? How much do I make?

Sale Price
You Earn
$15 - $45
$46 - $110

What to send in

Required age

Items must be less than 5 years old, in current styles.

Required brand

Items must be made by an Accepted Brand and 100% authentic.

Required condition

Items must be clean, laundered, and free of damage.
Each item you send in must have an original retail value of at least $60.